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Cartledge Timeline to 1877

James Cartledge arrived in Hobart Town June 1844 on the ship, London, with his wife, Margaret and two children, John and George and his brother John. James had been involved in the Chartist Movement in Manchester & departed England soon after giving evidence against the Movement's leaders at the Lancaster Assizes. The following chart is a directory of events, mainly after arriving in Van Diemens Land.





Margaret Shearer born in Ulster Ireland, 22 Nov 1809.
DNS = Document not sighted


James Cartledge born in Staffordshire, 13 Feb 1810.


John Cartledge born in Staffordshire, 13 Jun 1813.




Francis Spence and family arrive in Circular Head by ship.
Eliza Spence first white child born in Circular Head

Marriage document James & Margaret 10 Sept. Manchester Cathederal. James Res. 4 Ashton St. Manchester (Schoolmaster/widower) (Father William, gardener.) Margaret Res. 36 Lomax St. Man. (Father, William Shearer, bricklayer. Mother, Margaret.) Witnesses John & Sarah Dumbill (Margaret & Sarah illiterate(?), signed with X)
(Private collection RJC)

Children James & William George died in infancy.


Balance Sheet of National Victim Fund Committee 28 Aug 1841 - 2 Feb 1842 Lists James C.
(Chartism & The Chartists David Jones p/85 Private collection RJC.)


Chartist Plan Of Lectures Jan - Feb Mar 1841 Lists J.C. (Man) & William Shearer
IBID p/105


John born to James and Margaret, March 27.
(Private collection RJC.)


Lancaster Trials. J.C. (Man) testimony against O'Connor et al.
History of the Chartist Movement R.G.Gammage pp/233-4-5 and appendix C. 3d2


George born to James and Margaret, Aug. 6.
(Private collection RJC.)


James, Margaret, William and George flee England on ship the London. They were accom-panied by James' brother John.

Documents including ships magazine from the London & Hobart Town Newspapers.
Surgeons Journal from London 1844 Ports- mouth 23.3 to Hobart Town 9.7 AJCP PRO Reel 3201
1844 Shipping arrivals report L'Ton Examiner July.


James C. appointed Superintendent of the Launceston Treadmill.
Wood's Almanac 1845.


William born, to James & Margaret Launceston 22 Dec.



John marries Eliza Spence, Launceston.
John born to John & Eliza. 16 Sept.


James (& family) resident/owner of house in Paterson Street Launceston. Census 1848
John, Eliza & family residing at Supply River Mill, co-leased with James. Census 1848
James (Philosopher) Smith and Thomas Monds employed by the brothers at mill.
Census 1848


James born to James & Margaret L'ton 18 Feb


Robert born to James & Margaret 27 Oct
Mary Ann born to John & Eliza


Thomas Alfred born to James & Margaret 29 Oct.


Schooner 'Cousins' built at Supply Creek, by James.
(Similar to vessel pictured)

Ship's Register, L'ton Customs House 1844-55. No 29 of 1851 Lloyds register no. 31748, 28/5/1851.


John and family move to Melbourne on route to Goldfields. John writes a reference for James Smith, dated 27 July.
Smith's papers - State Library of Tasmania Archives.


James and family move to Melbourne, Starts a building & supplies business. Schooner Cousins arrived at Port Frederick from Circular Head - Cargo and passengers, 17 Feb. J. Cartledge Captain.
The Cousins leased out in Melbourne.
Shipping arrivals and departures in Vic. ports. 1846-55 & Smith's papers


James and family move to Torquay (East Devonport).
Smith's Papers


James on committee to build first Wesleyan Church in Torquay.
With the Pioneers Charles Ramsay.
And Wealth for Toil Kerry Pink


Brother J (John?) Cartledge Rep for Aust Felix Tent International Order of Rechabites Vic. The Brothers were said to have been involved with the Rechabites in Manchester. However this is the earliest reference I have.
Woods Almanac 1857 p/9


James Sen. on (Western Districts - Devonport) Gold Exploration Committee.
With the Pioneers Charles Ramsay 1957 p/137


Margaret Cartledge petitions Govenor Young. This is a remarkable document. The issue was to avoid a charge of failing to properly tether a goat. The document, in Margaret's own hand, showed a literate and articulate woman.
Smith's papers


Sale of Cousins to Wm. Holyman.


Henry George born to John & Eliza, L'ton 25/8/61.


James C. school master Torquay
'With the Pioneers' Charles Ramsay


Rechabites; Records variously J. Cartledge, James C. John C. James C. Sen, John C. Sen, James C. Jnr, John C. Jnr, in various positions and offices of Salford Unity, the Olive Branch Tent, the Juvenile Branch and the Teetotal society in Launceston.
Walsh's Tasmanian Almanac


Ada Eliza born to John & Eliza, 19/1/64


William Cartledge Notice Re. claim of mining swindle
L'ton Examiner 10 Aug. 1865


George C marries Caroline Powell
John Jnr marries Mary Ann Pickerell
George Horace born to to George and Caroline. 9/11/65


Tamar Maid wrecked off Queenscliff, Vic. John Jnr died.

Launceston Examiner 20 April
Melbourne Argus 18 April
With the Pioneers Charles Ramsay


John James born to John & Mary Ann 8 Jun.
Anna (Annie) born to George & Caroline.
Alfred Benjamin born to John & Eliza, 20/8/66.


John C. Director of Launceston Building & Investment Society
Walsh's Tasmanian Almanac.


William marries Mary Jane Sutor 28 May.
William Sutor born L'ton, 22/11/67 to William & Mary Jane (R1613)


John C. Director of Launceston Building & Investment Society. James C. Secretary. also shopkeeper in Launceston.
John C (2) Director of newly formed woolen mill comittee. James secretary.
Cornwall Chronicle 9/6/'68 - 12/9/'68 - 23/9/'68 - 03/9/'68
Walsh's Tasmanian Almanac.


James Jnr marries Eliza Ann Atkinson. 8 Jun.
James born to James & Eliza Ann 26/6/69.


Ida Cartledge born to George & Caroline, 17/10/70.
Elizabeth Jane born to William & Mary Jane, 26/5/70
Eliza May born to James & Eliza Ann, L'to 24/5/70
John Hubert born to John & Annie, 20/10/70.


Robert marries Matilda Louise Boswell, 12 May.
Isabella born to James & Eliza Ann Longford 28/6/72 (R939)
Robert Henry Charles born to Robert Henry & Matilda, Hobart (?) 22/11/1872 (R2963). Died aged 2 yr 10 mths.


Walter James born to George and Caroline (R1219).
George (1.4) listed as owner of the 21 ton shooner 'teazer'*
Walsh's Tasmanian Almanac.


Arthur William James born to Robert Henry & Matilda, L'ton 31/8/74 (R1795).


Thomas Alfred marries Jane Holliday Richards, 23/9.
Robert Charles born to William & Mary Jane, L'ton 17/3/75 (R1974)
Albert Ernest James born to James & Eliza Ann, Longford 2/7/75 (R960)


James Sen. died at his Charles Street home, 14 Oct.
Albert Ernest George born to Robert Henry & Matilda, L'ton 12/5/77 (R2880)
Alfred Henry James born to Thomas Alfred & Jane, 16/11/77
Launceston Examiner 16/8/1877

References: RJC = Reverend Richard Cartledge Hobart.
Tasmanian State Library - Hobart.
Launceston Local Studies (Northern Regional Library)
Tasmanian Information.
Note: While some BD&M's carry document reg. no's, other dates come down from family sources, particularly diaries of Thomas Alfred Cartledge, which are presently lost.


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